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Getting a higher rank in any search engine is dependent on various factors. One of those factors is a catchy meta description. You can consider it as the promise you are making to your audience.

Through meta description, users can understand what they are getting from your content without opening the link in a search engine like google or bing. Though we can completely say that meta description is directly associated with SEO rank, it can have a small impact. 



What is a meta description?


In search results listings, your website's meta description appears as a brief text block. This text is displayed below the page title and URL.


Meta descriptions, along with titles and rankings, are crucial in attracting visitors to your website on search engine results pages. Pages with meta descriptions received 6% more clicks than those without them. These clicks have compounding advantages. Due to the fact that the search engine views frequent page visits as a sign of quality, Google rewards pages with high traffic by elevating their rankings.



What to consider while generating meta description


To generate a meta description, you must keep in mind a few things. Here are those.


  • Although there isn't a strict character limit, Google trims meta descriptions after 160 characters. To ensure that the entire text is displayed on all devices, stay under Google's character limit. The most effectual descriptions fall between 120 and 150 characters.
  • Give your readers a clear and detailed explanation of how your page can assist them along with a call to action. Write in an active voice to bring your message to life and emphasize your unique selling proposition in comparison to your rivals.
  • Your description should contain the primary keyword, but you shouldn't try to cram as many secondary keywords as you can. Keyword stuffing can result in Google search penalties in addition to a frustrating user experience.
  • It can be challenging to determine whether increases in traffic are a result of your meta description or something else, such as rank or page title. However, you can determine which pages receive the most traffic and examine their meta descriptions. Are there any traits they have in common that you could adopt in the future? Consider using this approach for a more thorough analysis.
  • People may find it challenging to distinguish between your pages if they see duplicate or similar meta descriptions on various pages.



Why should you use a meta description AI generator?


Because they help users understand more about what your website is about, meta descriptions for the content on your website are essential. A meta description enables users to assess your website's suitability for a particular search query.


Even though the meta description does not directly impact page rankings, it is still important to have one. But sometimes it can be tough to craft a compelling meta description. So, it will be easier if you will leave this part and give the lead to an AI meta description generator. An AI meta description generator is a very unique artificial intelligence-based tool that can create a unique description instantly. You only need to put down the keywords and topic names. You will get the meta description which you can add to your content in a search engine. 


Apart from this, the AI meta description tools can save you time. These tools can generate an SEO-friendly and plagiarism-free meta description which is unique.




We believe that you have already understood the benefit of an SEO meta description AI generator. As there is a huge demand for these kinds of tools, a lot of meta description generators are now available. Among all of those, the best and easy-to-use software is Autorytr. Autorytr is a very simple software which does not require any previous technical skill to operate the software. Even if you are a beginner, you will not face any problems while operating this software. So, give it a try to Autorytr to create unique and compelling meta descriptions for your upcoming web pages.



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