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  • What is an SEO-Friendly Blog Generator?

    Nearing the deadline but still out of ideas and motivation to write compelling blogs? Don’t worry, SEO-Friendly Blog Generator’s got your back. With the 10x faster AI writing tool, you can produce attractive, rich, plagiarized-free content in less than a minute.

  • Why do you need long-form and short-form blog generators?

    Our AI writing blog generator is a great way to get your creative juices flowing. You can get a head start on generating blog ideas and SEO-Friendly blog content before you start writing content. If you are on a deadline to create a blog content calendar and have the keywords list with you, our blog generator should be your go-to, so you can plan an impressive blog content calendar and write a compelling blog in no time.

  • Who can use long-form and short-form blog generators?

    SEO-Friendly Blog Generator was specifically designed to cater for the diverse content marketing needs of writers, digital marketers, entrepreneurs who can use the AI writing tool to craft their personal as well as professional blogs, and social media influencers who wish to share their tips or unique experiences with their readers.

  • How do long-form and short-form blog generators work?

    Blog Generator AI tool is very much user-friendly and doesn’t require any coding or other programming skills. You can simply sign-up with google and click on the ‘One Click Blog - Long form’ if you’re aiming to craft a comprehensive, long-form blog and ‘One Click Blog - Short form’ to start creating crisp, to-the-point short blogs. 

    For a detailed, long blog with 1000+ words, you can unlock the power of creativity by setting the title, specific keywords, type of audience, preferred tone and customer-preferred language. You can also keep your creative juices flowing by generating crisp, conversational, 100% unique short blogs.

  • Are long-form and short-form blog variations 100% unique?

    Yes, the content generated from both long-form and short-form blogs is 100% unique. You just have to select the number of variations you need and voila! You’ll be left with an original, SEO-Friendly masterpiece!

  • Is SEO-Friendly Blog Generator free?

    Yes, you can use SEO-Friendly Blog Generator completely free for 5000 words. Once your word-limit quota is over, you can upgrade your plan to the paid version and continue producing creative, SEO-Friendly blogs in no time.